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Quality Control Measures for Security Service

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Seguridad Civil  will establish an internal quality organization, which consists of displacing a surveillance team several times a year to the contracted area outside the established schedule.

This is done with the aim to perform a security audit, where measures and existing security systems are monitored.

A perimetral revision is performed outside the facilities limits.

Through this measure ,when “criminal acts” occur against the property, our presence will be of  support and backup to your security staff and will take photos of evidence (broken windows, wall, break-ins and vandalisms, etc..) for the Official Forces and your lawyers.

We deliver daily reports of any incident occurred during the shifts, and our Team Managers or Area Coordinators outlay a comprehensive report of incidents or important events immediately to the cust

We give daily reports of incidents in shifts and team, performing a summary of incidents or significant events reported directly the customer’s address.

We have a department of inspection which supervises the proper operation of services and personnel, sending monthly reports or the inspections to the customer’s address.

Specialized staff

We have staff specialized in:

Prevention of Occupational Risks.

Health and Safety at work.

Prevention and Safety Committees and Safety.

Legal Advise, Professional Partner, Security guards spcialist.

Customer service.

 Self- Defense.

 Use of explosives and bomb threat.

 Special Private Escort.

Seguridad Integral Civil

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